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TT Designs Info

The motivation behind TT Designs is to explore our emerging capabilities of 3D modelling in a world with increasing utilisation for technological innovation.

These uses range from practical applications such as replacement parts to aesthetically minded decorative products all of which are grounded in sustainable practices. Watch this space to follow our design teams favourite products, make suggestions and to provide valued feedback.


Whilst new to the 3D design space, TT designs originate from a background in Environmental Governance and sustainability which forms the base principles of all our designs and models. To help bring these principles into the real world we draw upon various levels of experience using CAD and video editing software. As these skills develop further, we aim to attempt evermore ambitious projects and to collaborate across professional boundaries of the tec and art spheres of influence. It is our belief that 3D printing allows for this fuzzy boundary to grow within the homes of the everyday person like you or I, TT Designs aims to demonstrate this and serve as inspiration for others to learn the trade.